Software Project Manager at ArabiaGIS, Secretary General at PMI Lebanon Chapter

Hasan Jaffal
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Hasan Jaffal

Over 10 years of experience in the software development field. Certified PMP, Project Management Professional, and certified Scrum Master, with expertise in software projects life cycles and agile development.


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Hasan Jaffal at PMI Lebanon Chapter Conference 2015

Until We Meet Again… The Project Management Conference | Lebanon 2015

May the Passion and Ambition we have felt during the celebration of the Project Management Day in Lebanon be and...


Everything is ready, the Second National Project Management Conference is tomorrow!

The big day has come, after two months of hard work, everything is set now. According to the plans, we...

Hasan Jaffal - Agile Tour Beirut 2015 - Introduction to Scrum

Hasan Jaffal Agile Scrum Lecture at Agile Tour Beirut 2015

I had the opportunity to give a speech about Scrum at agile tour Beirut 2015, which is the third Lebanese edition...


My Next Talk about Scrum at Agile Tour Beirut 2015 During October

Agile Tour 2015 is the Third Lebanese edition of the biggest international Agile event: the Agile Tour. This conference focuses...

ArabiaGIS Microsoft Surface

We will always question Microsoft reputation after our experience with Microsoft surface.

As Microsoft gurus, we used to take what Microsoft says as true, we never questioned Microsoft’s decisions when it comes...

CNRS CAPWATER Hasan Jaffal presentation

Launching Ceremony of the CAPWATER Project in Beirut

The National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) is implementing regional coordination on improved water resources management and capacity building project,...

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